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Filmmaker . Director .Producer

I don’t remember exactly when I became interested in film. I grew up on Old Cameron Rd in Orangeburg, South Carolina with parents that worked to provide the best things they could provide for our family. 

My first experience with acting was a lady named Ms. Ravenell, in a carnation on Claflin College as a 7-year-old child. Ms. Ravnell spent countless hours teaching me the speech by the late great Dr. Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" as I stood in the middle of that stage and recited that speech I could remember the proud feeling I felt as she stood watching with tears running down her face watching her little protege perform. The look in my parents eyes and the standing applauds the crowd gave. 

My mother continued to keep me involved in different church plays and acting. In the seven grade, my parents decided to move me to Felton Laboratory located at South Carolina State College where I took drama classes from a teacher named Mrs. Audtry. Ms. Audtry continued to push me doing plays. That year I was cast as the lead in a musical play written by Ms. Dainels called, "The Kids"  though I had so much fun my heart was torn between playing sports and acting at the end of my seventh grade year I begged my mother to move me to Belleville Middle where I play football. Ms. Audtry begged my mother not to take me out of Felton my mother allowed me to chase my hearts desires. 

Belleville Middle School was a great place for my athletic career but did nothing for my skills within the realm of theater. Winning a middle school championship I went on to have a marvelous career in football and obtained a football scholarship after high school to The University of Tennessee. After playing professional with the IPFL, NFL, and USFL. I went into the profession of coaching that kept me close to the game I loved so much, but even in the realm of coaching, I found myself gravitating to the camera doing short sports film, inspirational videos, and highlights. 

In 2013, I began to write a series of different poems and songs and start a short webisode called The Carter Theory. In 2016 produced my first short film called "MIA" written by James Howard.  Since 2016 I have produced several different music videos, company promotional videos and in 2019 produced my first feature film "The Black Revenger" which has been rated by IndyRed 3 out of 5 stars and selected by Charlotte Black Film Festival and the Visionsta Film Festival

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